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Bajrangi Bhaijaan Movie Download Filmywap Hd fynnfil




Director Gulzar has mentioned in the film that this film is his response to the great novel A Handful of Rice by Rohinton Mistry. The story begins in the wake of two terrorist attacks on the then newly married couple, Dastagir. At this juncture, they come across a lost girl child, "Zohra", whose parents were killed in the second attack. The parents of the girl had been trying to get her married because she was unable to study as she was mute. Dastagir can not continue to live a normal life without the sound of her voice. He decides to take her to India. He does this with the help of an Indian smuggler, Bajrangi, who they come across in a village and offers them protection. On the way back to India, Dastagir takes Zohra to the airport for the last time. He goes to the police station to give himself up for the second terrorist attack. When Bajrangi, the smuggler, hears of Dastagir's act, he confesses that he will protect Zohra, but only for a price. The deal is, he and his family will go back to Pakistan to start a new life, and he will be responsible for taking Zohra to Pakistan. In order to bring this to fruition, they are provided with a fake passport and some money. The next day, Bajrangi, the smuggler, takes Zohra to an airport and they board the flight to Pakistan. Arrival Bajrangi is very protective of Zohra. In the beginning, he is overly cautious with her, not even allowing her to eat. However, Zohra can read Bajrangi's feelings and understands that he is like a father to her. They are joined by a Pakistani man, who is in love with Zohra. Zohra is also obsessed with the idea of her parents watching over her, and that is the reason why she is unable to eat. Bajrangi takes Zohra to meet a smuggler friend. He is told to give her the money, and they will be given protection till Pakistan. Bajrangi sets out in search of the smuggler's family. On the way, he comes across some bandits who seem to know him. Bajrangi explains to them who he is and they give him some money for Zohra and the smugg




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Bajrangi Bhaijaan Movie Download Filmywap Hd fynnfil

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